A Scottish
writer of fiction and now of regional language which does not conform to the


My name is Alan Gyles, and I decided to pursue my passion for writing after I retired from a varied career which for the last 20 years was in financial services.  For me, writing is a way to express my creativity, having  always enjoyed telling stories to my friends and family. 

I was brought up in Arbroath, Scotland leaviing  over 40 years ago. On return visits, I always had to adjust my hearing to understand the local dialect I grew up with and after overhearing a conversation between an Englishman and a Scotsman when two people speaking the same language, could not understand each other,  I decided to write a lighthearted phrasebook hoping to educate visitors to Arbroath by helping them understand the locals better. My book contains words that Arbroath people use but  have a different meaning in English. 

In addition to writing phrasebooks, I have also written fiction, and recently published my first gripping novel, The Finger of Suspicion. I expect to publish more drama and mystery novels as well as humorous non-fiction books in the future. if you want to immerse yourself in a captivating read, The Finger of Suspension is available to purchase from bookshops and on Amazon 

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"Thank you Alan. Book delivered yesterday, wonderful, great nostalgia from my wonderful hometown. Thank you"

Michael Smith


"Alan we are still laughing at John trying to read your book…...he is coming out with more Arbroath words now though!"

Roberta Whyte


Hi Alan. My mum and dad love the book, it's bringing back good memories. Your hard work is paying off

Martyn Billingham

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