Many of my friends and family know me as a storyteller, when my two children were young, I used to entertain them by creating exciting and engrossing bedtime stories. Furthermore, after I retired from my career in finance, I decided to explore one of my aspirations – which was writing. 

I was raised in Arbroath and when I moved away from the area in my 20s, I quickly discovered that English was a new language that I had to learn. Ironically, now when I visit Arbroath, I need a day or two to retrain my ears to understand the different meaning of words in the Arbreoath dialect!

The stark differences between the definition of words in English and the definition in Arbroath is what inspired me to write a phrasebook that contained the both English dictionary definitions and the local Arbroath meaning.  For example, in the English dictionary, the word “shin” is defined as the bone in your leg, however, in Arbroath, “shin” is something you wear on your feet!  For example people in Arbroath would say "Far did ye get they bra shin fae?"  This translates to "Where did you buy these fine pair of shoes " in the English dictionary.

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