My first novel, The Finger of Suspicion is an engrossing mysterious tale of family relationships that is set to grip your attention from the very first page.

The Finger of Suspicion


Set at the outset in the 1990s a good family man goes missing. With his mind addled with alcohol he drifts into a new life, forgetting his previous life. Slowly but surely his memory returns, but should he go back to the life he knew? Meanwhile his family misses him and his wife never gives up hope over the years he is away. Finally, after 10 years he is found and gladly returns home, but will life be the same?

The book is available through Amazon or direct from the publisher Austin Macauley

Future Book Releases

My ambition is to write on a full-time basis, and I hope to release more books that span many different genres in the coming years including light-hearted fiction books to captivating mystery and drama novels. 

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